Compare ten of the best 5 Year

Compare ten of the best 5 Year + Fixed Rate Mortgages

Looking to fix your mortgage rate for five years up to ten years? Our team of independent experts have compared ten Best Buy 5 year + mortgages for you.


What you should know about 5 year + fixed rate mortgages


A greater period of repayment security can be gained by opting for a longer term fixed rate. As well as security, with a longer term fixed rate you do not need to search for a new mortgage every couple of years, as you might do with a shorter term fixed mortgage.


The risk with a longer term fixed rate is that if rates drop, you could end up paying over the odds. In this situation you may decide you want to change your mortgage before completing the initial fixed rate term to save money. If you do, your bank or building society may charge you a fee that lenders call an early repayment charge. It is wise to bear these charges in mind when you are deciding which longer term fixed rate mortgage to take, as they might be very expensive, particularly in the early years.


When you look at our best buys, you will see that we have selected the best 5 - 10 Year fixed rate mortgage products from across different loan-to-value tiers in order to give a wide overview of what’s available.


However, if you can’t find a product that’s right for you don’t worry – you can use our quick and easy mortgage search to access a more comprehensive list of mortgages.